About Us

The Tomkinsons

In early November 2014 my wife, Raylene, and myself, Peter,  moved from Calgary with our then, 8mth old daughter, Gloria,  to live our dream of a year round lifestyle in a location that mimics  our favorite places such as the Mediterranean and Adriatic countries. We  are enjoying being blessed by the local fresh fruit and vegetables,  hand crafted goods, close community and pristine surroundings. This  familiar dream of many inspired us and consideration for our daughter’s  future motivated us to make the move over the Rockies and into the  valley.


 Everything from professional kitchen equipment to custom fabrication  has been designed for efficiency and productivity. The brick oven is double domed with a  natural stone oven floor.  This beautiful 2014, 30 foot food truck  weighs in at 18,000 lbs and is fully equipped with a wood fired  combination gas oven with rotating floor-ensuring consistent and fast  pizzas. Also on-board is a 60qt Hobart mixer, four refrigerators, pizza  and salad prep stations, point of sale ordering station, separate order  and pick up windows, three air conditioners, quiet insulated and  rerouted Cummins generator, and a clever fold down ledge around the  entire truck to rest pizzas and purses on. While vending we arrange tall  bar tables adorned with red linens near the ledges to create extra  mingling and dining space. 

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